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Opening up a New Book in an Unexpected Location

Books aren't always something to hold in one's hand

There's an amazing new book that's quickly capturing people's attention all over the world. But it's not doing so in the way that most people would immediately assume. Because this isn't a book to pick up and read. In fact, it's not even a physical book at all. The book actually refers to the titular item found within a video slot game called BookOfRa. Within the game it's an ancient tome filled with mystery and untold wealth. And it's the players job to step into the virtual boots of an archaeologist searching Egyptian pyramids in search of it. This might sound like a standard video game at first. But in reality it's a clever blend of slot machine and video game. The results are something which borrows the best aspects of both and joins them into an amazing whole. And better yet, it's also something which can be turned into real money.

A new world of online gaming

One of the really amazing things about BookOfRa is the fact that it's risen to popularity so quickly. It really wasn't that long ago that multimedia which could run on many different online platforms wasn't reliable enough to mimic a casino experience. But these days one can not only match it, but even surpass a traditional casino. One of the most significant reasons simply comes down to ease of access. A casino will usually involve a lengthy trip out of town or even out of the country. But Book of Ra can be played anywhere there's a computer. Many people like to spend their lunch breaks getting a few games in. After all, there's few things better than returning from a lunch break with the knowledge that one has made a lot of money during it.